Embodied Interactions, Emotions, and Design

In 2013, I ran a series of workshops for designers with Scott Sullivan exploring the connection between physicality and emotions. This article is a reflection on some of those ideas and how they apply to product design. Are you ready to get a little weird?

As the IoT takes off, the physicality of digital design becomes more and more important. This article explores some of the ideas around the connection between physicality and its emotional impact though a discussion of Laban Movement framework.

UX Axioms

User Experience (UX) theory and practice can be confusing for the uninitiated. This talk outlines a set of UX Axioms designers and developers alike can use to integrate UX into their practice. Erik Dahl (@eadahl) shares hard-won lessons learned from practicing UX in the real world for over 10 years. Building real products and services involves an ongoing series of design compromises. There is no ideal process or magic bullet for integrating UX or creating amazing user experiences. However, understanding and applying UX Axioms will allow you to adapt to the situation at hand and build products that resonate with and delight your end-users.